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Twitter Tip


Bill Ferriter addresses the eternal question - well, it has come up occasionally around here, anyway - of whether it's snobbish or arrogant not to follow everyone who's following you on Twitter. For his part, he chooses to follow only a select number of people, and thinks that's perfectly in keeping with the function of the tool (especially for educators):

After all, I'm trying to learn from the people that I'm following, and that's hard to do when good ideas are buried under piles and piles of messages. My decision to follow a small handful of people--instead of everyone who follows me--is about information management, not arrogance.
And in my opinion, managing the tidal wave of information at their fingertips is probably THE most important skill for 21st Century learners---whether they be adults or kids---to master. Just because I can follow a thousand people doesn't mean I should!

I've been on Twitter for about 3 months. At first I automatically followed everyone who followed me. You quickly find out that direct marketers are following everyone in the hopes they follow back. Initially I followed some of the big names, like Guy Kawasaki, until I realized they had assistants flooding the system with informational noise.

Finally, I came to see those I followed as my personal learning network. I add people who add value and sometimes drop others that don't have much to say beyond what they had for lunch.

I agree, I dont think that it is necessary to follow everyone on twitter that follows you. However, if it does benefit you as a professional to follow other professionals to better yourself as a professional by communicationg with others, I encourage it. It can be done at an appropriate time and place. It also allows an older generation to be more in tune with this younger generation. It will keep professionals up to date on the everyday updating technology.

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