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Transparency for Teachers

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Will Richardson writes that, with the growth of interactive technology and virtual communities, kids today will lead lives that are far more transparent than most adults are accustomed to. In light of this, he says, educators need to a better job of modeling effective transparency and public interaction in their own lives:

The fact that they are veritably “un-googleable” in terms of finding anything they have created and shared and perhaps collaborated with others on troubles me on a number of levels. First, I can’t see for myself whether or not they are learners. And, almost more importantly, I get no sense as to whether or not they are leaders of learners. Whether they are in the classroom or in the front office, I want (demand?) the adults in my schools to be effective models for living in a transparent world. I want my kids to see them navigating these spaces effectively, sharing what they know, teaching others outside of their physical space, and contributing to the conversation.
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Interactive technology is going to be changing not only the classroom but also the teacher's lounge. Through a Teacher Community online teachers are able to connect with peers throughout the world. Tapping a vast resource of information and networking.

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