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Students With Blogs

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Bill Ferriter answers frequently asked questions on using blogs in the classroom. This sounds like a very good point:

Believing that blogs are ONLY opportunities for students to practice writing skills is a fatal flaw for most classroom blogging projects. Instead of digital soapboxes, teachers and students must begin to see blogs as interactive forums for continuing conversations around topics of interest--and interactive forums require two-way participation.
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Hey everybody, I am a sophmore in the education program at the University of Charleston in WV. I have some questions for any teachers who are looking over this blog?

In your classroom is the internet an effective tool? If so, list some of the benefits of that help you in teaching an class.

Does the internet help your class and what your lesson plan deal with daily?

How can the internet pose some problem when dealing with a classroom that has students backgroud abuse to the computers? How do you deal with those students who do not understand classroom rules and break the terms of use?

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