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Separate Class for Troublemakers?


Robert Pondiscio of the Core Knowledge Blog writes about a Florida teacher's argument that schools won't improve until they create separate classes "for those who don't care to learn or can't, or won't, let anyone else learn."

He suggests this New York Times editorial in response, wondering what she would say about it.


I believe that the root of the issue is life at home. I know that the child's behavior is not always the parent's fault, but most of the time it is. So my solution is slightly different. First all local businesses would have to partner with the schools to help deter the trouble maker behavior.

Here's how: Schools would require a parent to attend the class, with their child, the disruptive student, whenever there was a problem. The business where the parent works, would (1) be notified and (2) the parent required to take a vacation day to go sit in a class (even it is for 1 hour). Of course, the details would need to be worked out with HR, managers and etc. But this way the parent will have more incentive to work closer with their child(ren).

One other alternative would be the assessment of fine to the parent for every time the child is written up for disruption. The fine would be an automatic garnish from the parents paycheck. This would definitely get their attention and involvement.

I dont know if a separate classroom would work. It would be the worst thing to have to be the teacher in that room, with students never learning and constanly disrupting. That teacher would get burnt out so fast. I like the idea of garnishing wages that would certainly get the parent's attention!!!

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