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Ever since her school scrapped freshman reading classes, Mei Flower has been struggling with the school's new system of "reading intervention."

The ever-amusing Hobo Teacher lays into a colleague when she suggests incorporating MySpace into English lesson plans. I'm going to suggest to our IT department to check the settings on our filtering software because Borrish had to have sent this e-mail back in 2004 when MySpace was relevant and we're just getting it now. Get with the times Borrish. I'm half-expecting a telegram from her about an idea she has about having the class read along to a phonograph recording of The Chambered Nautilus. Finally, let my own fuddy-duddiness come out here and point out that education is something that ...

Over at Mildly Melancholy, "J" does a point-by-point breakdown of a recent critique from a substitute teacher that was printed earlier this month in the New York Times. The substitute, who has spent her past two years subbing in classrooms one day a week, ripped full-time teachers for taking too many days off, not leaving lesson plans for subs, and complaining about how difficult their profession could be. That didn't sit too well with Mildly Melancholy. I agree, there are a lot of things that need to be fixed about education, teaching, teachers, curriculum, discipline, management, and schools. Substitutes are ...

Renee Moore wants teachers to reclaim formative assessment from the role of ongoing standardized test prep.

Are mean phys. ed teachers responsible for poor fitness later in life? Robert Pondiscio points to a study


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