Donalyn Miller writes a tongue-in-cheek letter to children's and young adult authors and invites them to apply for her Best Book Awards for Teaching to the Test.

Donalyn Miller shares the ALA's Award List including the Newbery, Caldecott, Coretta Scott King, Printz, and Belpre winners.

Donalyn Miller stresses the importance of reading at home by sending a plaintive e-mail to her students' parents.

Donalyn Miller proposes that instead of making New Year's Resolutions, we recommit to our core teaching beliefs.

Donalyn Miller shares the 51 books she read this fall without apologizing for her choices.

Donalyn Miller wraps up her visit to the recent NCTE Convention.

Last night a few of the folks from Jim Burke's English Companion Ning met. In person. Donalyn and I arrived early. A few folks were there ahead of us. By the time Jim arrived, there were about 50 people. There were a lot of "so-great-to-meet-you" hugs going around. Jim thanked everyone for helping to grow the Ning. He shared a few stories of teachers connecting online—the funny ones ("help, the stack of papers on my desk has been sitting there for months...ungraded") to the not-so-funny ones ("a student of mine was killed in a car wreck and I need...

While Donalyn was signing books at the Wiley booth, she and I thought it would be good for me to attend Kelly Gallagher and Jeff Anderson's session: Rethinking Literacy Instruction in the Age of Readicide. I got there just as it started. Packed! Three doorways were spilling over with people. Not a seat in the house...Impossible to see anything, almost impossible to hear anything. I had no choice but to leave. The Convention Center halls are crowded as NCTE attendees are starting to bump into marathoners. The Philadelphia marathon is tomorrow morning— how those of us who are leaving...

Donalyn Miller is on the go at NCTE: stalking authors and learning how to engage students with the classics.

Attended an interesting session this morning on "Reviving Reading in the Post-NCLB World." The discussion included 10 roundtable leaders speaking about: teacher and student agency. Very interesting what's happening in the classroom that runs parallel and counter to tests, tests, and more tests. I can tell you this: Try and try as Arnie Duncan et al might, teachers are working the underground to teach what they want and how they want to teach it. Trust me, the 400 page NCTE program is not devoted to standardized testing and phonemic awareness. The resistance movement is vocal here. After that session, I ...


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