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As I came downstairs this morning I found my 6 month old puppy, Jet, with my lessons plans at his paws. He had to go into my school bag and specifically pull them out. Lucky for me my last formal observation was four days ago and my supervisor had reviewed my plan book at that time. I think he was trying to give me the message that another year is just about over and it is time to relax and have some summer fun. —Karen Miscavige, Inclusion Specialist Shamokin Area Middle/High School, Coal Township, PA...

This photo shows students from Jefferson Junior High School in Washington studying geodesic domes at the National Building Museum. It was a great opportunity for students to learn about how geometry and the real-world can be integrated. —Peter Phelps, Jefferson Junior High School, Washington, DC....

Students in my classroom research and explore the world with laptops. We have 15 in a mobile cart that are shared throughout our school. —Jennifer Brandon...

Our school is located about two miles from Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From a child's point of view this lake looks much like an ocean, but the water is fresh and not salted. We decided to compare the buoyancy of both by putting each in two cups and adding eggs to see what would happen. We also decided to put vinegar in a third cup and added an egg to see what would happen to each when left overnight. —M. Argentina Burrus 5th Grade Bilingual Teacher, J.W. Riley Elementary, Milwaukee, Wisconsin...

Students Mesquite High School in Texas participated in Black History Month: An Educational Experience for All Career Fair. Businesses from the communities set up tables and booths to promote their line of work. In this particular picture, our MHS Senior students were talking to one of the massage therapists at The Spa in Mesquite, TX. —Lizzy Perez, Asst. Principal, Mesquite High School...


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