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Students from Ilwaco High School in Ocean Park, Wash., joined Pacific County Fire District 1's first Fire Cadet Program. Atop the Astoria Meglar Bridge during a team-building exercise. The bridge connects Washington to Oregon. A Cadet drags a 165-pound manikin for her physical ability test. -Mike Karvia, Division Chief of Training, Pacific County Fire District 1, Ocean Park, Wash....

The students at Spencer Elementary Children’s Engineering Academy in Georgia showcase their knowledge of angles and arches, and math and measurements. All smiles after building a replica of The Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Another Parthenon. A 3rd grader's replica of The Coliseum in Rome, Italy. A project done after studying arches, posts and beams. How tall can these 1st graders build this structure before it falls? The final product after studying how to build windows and doors in the school's engineering lab. -Dr. Altomese Brown, EIP Teacher, Spencer Elementary Children’s Engineering Academy, Savannah, Ga....


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