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My dad died last month. I grieved hard for two weeks, too distraught to teach most days. The first day I returned, I told my six classes what had happened. I broke down each time I said it. After one of my writing classes, a student who had abruptly lost her beloved grandmother last year slipped me a note she had penned on lined paper. She wrote on both sides, but the part that really spoke to me was, "I know it's hard, but it will get easier in time. It'll seem like your father is on a trip far ...

Can the Common Core Standards make push classroom instruction and make standardized testing a worthy cause?

Is the state of the union really getting stronger? President Obama thinks so, but it certainly doesn't feel like it on the streets of Chicago.

A message from Marilyn: Hi Blog Readers, I haven't written a blog post in nearly two weeks because my beloved father passed away on January 29th, and I have not been myself. I am writing, however, to inform you that today The New York Times is promoting a post I wrote several weeks ago for its Room for Debate forum. I am arguing about the value of book awards in children's literature. Thanks so much for your support during this difficult time. Best, Marilyn...


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