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Who's to blame for the crisis of education in Chicago? Read this post--you may be surprised.

*UPDATE: The Chicago Board of Education voted today to close 50 neighborhood schools of the 54 that was on the chopping block. Over the years, I have proudly self-identified as an "education reformer." Young, smart, and ready to change the world through self-sacrifice and hard work, I committed myself to the idea of revolutionizing how we do education in America. I believe that students' best interest must be protected over political, business, and union ties. Students are not just our clients. They are the future of America, and their success must be guaranteed. I still believe that charter schools can ...

Guest Blogger Pérsida Himmele I remember a conversation that I had with my dad. It was short, mostly one-sided, and incredibly memorable. With a thick Spanish accent, and a somewhat intimidating look, my dad asked, "Pérsida, to what college you go?" Even though he had only graduated from eighth grade, he had figured something out: You don't get very far in life without a college education. Because of that, he asked the same question to all seven of his children. Though we lived in the poorest neighborhood, surrounded by rampant drug use, teen pregnancy, and violence, we all followed through ...

Who has the tougher job: Teachers or Police Officers? Read this post and you decide.


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