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Recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings, the critical state of Nelson Mandela, and other news events makes one teacher re-assess her feelings about being called an African American verse just being called black.

Things are getting chaotic in Chicago. As much as I love the city of my birth, I cannot recommend anyone relocating here—especially if you are a teacher.

For most of my nine-year teaching career I have held to the self-imposed policy that my cell phone remains turned off and in my bag during the day. Then my timer broke—my trusty, use-it-constantly-in-class, perfectly sized and sounded timer. I changed the batteries three times but it still wouldn't work. Well, instead of running to Target or Walmart to buy another one, I pulled out my cell phone and used the timer feature. Oh, I'll just use it this one time, I told myself each time I reached for my phone a dozen times a day. Then I realized...


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