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My dream is that the poor black and brown children of Chicago will get an equal chance at obtaining a quality education this year—not just at the "welcoming" schools but in the ordinary, less politicized neighborhood schools.

I know I am not the only one. There must be thousands of teachers in my district, in my state—in America—who are just like me. We did not end last school year on a positive note. Some of us had clashes with parents, with other teachers, with administrators, or all of the above. But we made it. We managed not to get fired or to quit. We remained committed to our students and our professions despite some of the crazy working conditions we are forced to endure. We ran out of the school building singing "hallelujah!" for summer...

This 96th blog post marks my second bloggaversary! Since I started writing, I've taught middle school science; lost a student; founded a nonprofit organization; traveled to Cameroon, West Africa; almost lost my sister; become a writing teacher; lost my dad; received unsolicited sex advice from a student; been named Educator's Voice Commentator/Blogger of the Year; gotten pregnant; questioned my affinity for education reform; debated the virtues of teaching with a cop; suffered psychologically from working-mother-wife-teacher syndrome; and met lots of new reader-friends like you! The beauty of blogging is that I've documented every one of these situation—plus many...


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