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Dr. Anthony L. Moore, an assistant superintendent of schools in Kansas City, Missouri, writes Part 2 of his guest blog on increasing low parental engagement in urban settings. He challenges schools to roll out the "red carpet" for parents and provides his "Top 10" list of ways parents can elevate their own level of engagement in their child's education.

Urban schools are notorious for having low parental engagement. In part one of his two-part guest blog, Dr. Anthony L. Moore, a school district leader in Kansas City, Missouri, outlines the difference between parental involvement vs. parental engagement and sets the stage for laying out his specific, practical strategies for increasing parent participation.

Guest blogger John Choi was addicted to the hit TV show Breaking Bad. Now that the show has ended, Choi manages his withdrawals by analyzing both the inspirational and more ominous lessons the main character Walter White—meek high school science teacher turned ruthless drug dealer—teaches us.

Yes, teachers deserve a seat at the table when systematic reforms are being decided, but the vacuum of teacher voice isn't just in City Hall, the state capitol building, or in the U.S. Department of Education. The true power of teacher voice is local. It's in our schools. If we feel powerless to change our local schools, how will our voices ever effectively reach Washington? (See TEDx Talk video)


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