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January 26, 2012

How Can We Apply Social-Emotional Learning Strategies In The Classroom?

Glenda Robertson asks: "What are some highly-effective must-do social-emotional learning strategies that we can immediately incorporate into our classroom culture?" Social Emotional Learning is sometimes also referred to as "character education." It's been receiving more and more attention recent...

January 12, 2012

What Are The Best Ways To Differentiate Instruction?

Though I'm receiving plenty of reader questions (but could always use more!), now and then I, instead, decide to respond to a "Question That's Been On My Mind." This is one of those weeks.... My question is: "What is the best advice you can give to a teacher about differentiating instruction?" ...

January 06, 2012

How Do We Include Students in the Formative Assessment Process?

Matt Townsley asks: Carol Boston says "Black and Wiliam (1998b) define assessment broadly to include all activities that teachers and students undertake to get information that can be used diagnostically to alter teaching and learning. Under this definition, assessment encompasses teacher observati...

December 01, 2011

What Is The Most Important Thing to Remember About Classroom Management?

Brittany Peppers asks: I am excited to follow this blog and learn many things about it as I graduate from college and begin my teaching career. My question to you is "In your opinion, what is one thing to remember about classroom management if you don't remember anything else you are taught about i...

November 17, 2011

How Can Teachers Create A Supportive Environment For Each Other?

S.H. asks: Our school culture has a growing sense of [unhealthy] competitiveness. I believe a lot of this stems from the fact that our administration does not recognize (or maybe they do and simply don't voice) teacher expertise using specific, positive praise. We do receive thanks yous - but the...

November 10, 2011

How Can You Tell The Difference Between Good And Bad Education Research?

In addition to responding the questions submitted by readers, now and then I pose a question that's been on my mind and that I believe others might find interesting. This is a week for one of those questions, and it's: How can you tell the difference between good and bad education research? Coll...

November 03, 2011

How Can We Teach Critical Thinking Skills?

This week's question comes from an educator who prefers to remain anonymous: How do you go about teaching critical thinking skills? Boy, this is sure an important issue! And one where we often need to remember William Butler Yeats' often quoted comment: "Education is not filling a bucket, but l...

October 21, 2011

Can Teachers Be Friends With Students?

This week's question comes from Brad Patterson, who asks: Can we be friends with our students? Where do we create barriers? How about social-media wise? I'm interested to hear about your experience, lessons learned, regrets, what you would offer as advice for new teachers. It's an important que...

October 13, 2011

How Do You Respond To "Unpredictable" Student Behavior?

This week's question comes from Eric Skoog, who asks: How can you minimize unpredictable behaviors that negatively affect your classroom? I'm sure we all have experienced "unpredictable" (what a diplomatic way of phrasing it, Eric!) student behaviors in our classes. What strategies have you found...

October 06, 2011

What Are Critiques Of Standardized Tests & What Are Alternatives?

This week's question comes from Alice Mercer (a Sacramento colleague and a phenomenal teacher), who asks: What are the major critiques of standardized tests and what are alternatives to them? My bias is pretty obvious if you look at the title of my related "The Best..." list -- The Best Posts On H...

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