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August 09, 2012

How Can We Get The New Year Off To A Good Start?

The first question of this blog's second "season" is: "What's your best advice on getting the new school year off to a good start?" Yes, it's that time again! And, if your school year is starting earlier than next Wednesday and you need advice NOW, you might want to check out The Best Resources F...

June 06, 2012

How Can We Help Students Develop Their Creativity?

This week's question is one that I've been wondering about: How can we help students develop their creativity? Please share your thoughts in the comments, or, if you prefer, feel free to email them to me. Anyone whose question is selected for this weekly column can choose one free book from a se...

May 31, 2012

How Can We Help Students Develop Good Habits?

A lot has been published lately on "habits" -- how to create good ones and how to break bad ones. So, I thought it would be timely to propose a related "question of the week": How can we help students develop good habits? Please share your thoughts in the comments, or, if you prefer, feel free to...

May 23, 2012

How Can We Best Respond To A Student Who Is Disengaged?

Two readers have asked a similar question: Science Eduk8r: What do you do with the student who simply has refused to work? Mary B: I am a new teacher and have a position teaching in a high school. My question for you is how to respond to an apathetic student in my classroom? Many of us have ha...

May 16, 2012

What's Going On In Ontario's Schools?

Much has been written about the high-performing schools in Finland and Singapore, but I've recently begun to hear more about our neighbors to the north in Ontario. So, the newest "question of the week" is: What's going on in Ontario's schools? Are there readers our there more familiar with what's...

May 09, 2012

How Do We Help Long-Term ELL's & How Does Having ELL's Affect A Teacher's Evaluation?

I'm doing something a little different today and offering two, instead of one, "questions of the week." They both relate to English Language Learners: Question One Anne Smith asks: What is being done to help Long-Term English Language Learners and what does effective intervention look like? Ove...

May 02, 2012

How Can We Respond To "Unpredictable" Behavior From Younger Students?

Cheryl S. asks: I am writing with a question regarding your blog (Response: Several Ways To Respond To "Unpredictable" Student Behavior) on responding to unpredictable student behavior. My question is how do you apply these strategies to kindergarten students? My student is unable to control his ...

April 19, 2012

How Can We Teach Social Studies More Effectively?

Though I'm receiving plenty of reader questions (but could always use more!), I periodically instead decide to respond to a "Question That's Been On My Mind." This is another one of those times (I'll be returning to reader questions next week).... What's the best advice you can give to Social Stud...

April 11, 2012

What Kind Of Grading System Should We Use?

Charlie Herzog asks: Should we continue to assign students grades in the traditional manner (percentages & letters), or should we move towards a system based on levels of mastery? I'm expecting a lot of reader comments on this one! Feel free to share any of your thoughts on grading, even if they ...

April 04, 2012

How Can We Keep Students Engaged Without Carrots & Sticks?

Becky Searls asks: Given that a vast body of research shows that extrinsic rewards can be damaging to students' intrinsic drive to learn for learning's sake, what are some practical strategies you use to replace the use of rewards, including praise, in your classroom? How do you keep students engag...

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