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A self-doubting student's turnaround illustrates the power and importance of teachers instilling hope in students.

Success often has as much or more to do with people's thoughts and actions as it does their abilities. I noticed this in academics, business, and sports before becoming a teacher, and tried to convince students of this after becoming a teacher. One way I did this was by telling them that success comes from the heart. I even came up with an acronym where each letter in heart represented a belief or work habit common among successful people: hope, effort, attitude, resourcefulness, and teamwork--which I posted in my classroom as an equation: Success = Hope + Effort + Attitude + Resourcefulness + Teamwork Pretty ...

David Ginsburg says meaningful education reform requires every adult in every school to stop enabling students' self-defeating behavior.

David Ginsburg says a key to preparing kids for standardized multiple choice tests is to NOT give them multiple choice questions in class.


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