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The Deskless Teacher

Being anal retentive may not win you friends, but it sure pays off in the classroom where you're doomed if you're disorganized. Yet even if you're not a neat freak by nature, you can maximize teaching and learning time by disorganization-proofing your classroom. I previously suggested you do this by wearing everyday supplies in a tool belt--or smock or whatever suits your style. And now some suggestions for managing everyday paperwork. Between lesson plans, handouts, student work, notes from parents, permission slips, and main-office mail, most teachers are swamped with papers every day--even in today's world of cloud computing, mobile ...

Balance Beats Burnout

It might be a stretch to say I was sick more than I wasn't as a first-year teacher, but it sure seemed that way at the time. Colds. Flu. Bronchitis. If there was a bug going around, I was sure to catch it. And between those physical ailments and the mental and emotional tolls of first-year teaching, I was running on fumes from September to June. Insult to injury, as a Teachers for Chicago (TFC) intern, I had all the responsibilities of a certified teacher, but received only a fraction of the salary and few of the benefits. And one ...

Great Teachers: Perfectly Imperfect

Ronald was six when he noticed his father had black grease around his mouth after working on a car. A few days later at school, Ronald tried to emulate his dad by coloring the area around his own mouth black. When the teacher (who I'll call Mrs. Davis) discovered what Ronald had done, she promptly instructed the rest of the class to close their eyes, and rushed Ronald to the front of the room. She then told the class to open their eyes and, after everyone had a good laugh at Ronald's expense, she ordered Ronald to go clean his ...

Classroom Management First, Technology Second

Graduates of University of Virgina's math teacher education program have had more success teaching with technology after a couple of years on their own than they had when UVa staff was helping them with it. This according to Joe Garofalo, Co-Director of the University of Virginia Center for Technology and Teacher Education, during a session he co-facilitated at the recent International Society for Technology in Education Conference (ISTE) called Preparing Mathematics Teachers to Use Technology. Dr. Garofolo also speculated that the reason for this is that it takes time for teachers to get a handle on classroom management. And based ...

Technology: Teacher Enhancement, NOT Replacement

Web 2.0 applications. Mobile learning. Digital portfolios. Flipped classrooms. Just a few of many topics I learned more about at the recent International Society for Technology in Education Conference (ISTE), and plan to tweet/blog about in the coming weeks. But what stood out to me at ISTE even more than all the great ideas for integrating technology were all the reminders that while technology can enhance teaching, it can't replace teachers. Developmental molecular biologist John Medina spoke to this in his opening keynote address when he cited theory of mind--which relates to human qualities such as empathy and ...

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