David Ginsburg says NCLB's focus on math and reading has led schools to neglect writing. Ironically, he says, this hasn't just hurt students' writing but their reading too.

Quick-on-her-feet English teacher Helga Vutz sends students the right message by saying no to their request for extra credit.

In a prior post, David Ginsburg explained why teachers should use a projector rather than the board. He now provides pointers for using projectors to their full potential.

Effective instruction and assessment practices apply as much to giving directions as they do to delivering academic content, says instructional coach David Ginsburg.

David Ginsburg's students snuck out of class and threw books at him as he wrote on the board. His solution: Use a projector, a switch he recommends for several reasons.

Three miles from third base to first base? That's what kids came up with in Coach G's illustration of the importance of treating all math problems as estimation problems.

As a new teacher, David Ginsburg assumed students would be responsible enough to bring a pencil to class. He was wrong, and here's what he did about it.

Last week Coach G provided a process for identifying solutions to classroom problems. And now he provides pointers for implementing those solutions.

David Ginsburg says using I-statements rather than you-statements is a key to eliciting cooperation from students rather than confrontation.

David Ginsburg cites a six-year-old's use of the word "penultimate" as evidence of the ultimate vocabulary-building strategy.


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