Students learn best when given opportunities to discover or experience concepts before teachers define them.

An organized classroom may not guarantee a successful year, but a disorganized classroom guarantees a disastrous year.

Don't just focus on what and how teachers need to change. Explain why they need to change.

Giving answers to students in math class shifts the focus away from getting answers.

Identifying and reinforcing teachers' strengths is an important first step in the instructional coaching process.

Showing love for students means doing what's best for them, not what's easiest for us.

Using class time to review for tests is a disservice to all students, whether they're slackers or studious.

I previously dismissed long division as a meaningless math procedure. Am I backpedaling now in response to readers' comments?

What would happen if we put faith in the arts to help raise test scores? Maybe the funding would follow.

Instruction that focuses on procedures helps students do math, not know math.


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