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June 19, 2011

Quest for the Best Questioning Strategy: Cold Calling vs. Choral Response

In my last post I declared cold calling the hands down winner over hand raising when it comes to engaging and assessing students, and preparing them for future endeavors. Now cold calling takes on another challenger in the quest for the best questioning strategy: choral response. Choral response ...

June 10, 2011

Quest for the Best Questioning Strategy: Cold Calling vs. Hand Raising

A lot of students shrugged their shoulders when I called on them to answer questions at the beginning of the year. Others mumbled, "I don't know." Then there were those kids who let me have it: "Man, I don't know. Stop calling on me!" But I never did stop calling on them. And after a few weeks, mos...

June 04, 2011

Assess All Students Before Assisting Any Students

Forget about standardized tests. Forget about weekly quizzes. Forget about homework. The most critical time for assessment is during daily in-class practice, when you can see sooner rather than later what students are struggling with and why they're struggling with it. It's only then that you can pr...

May 07, 2011

Assessment Over Grading and Effort Over Accuracy

"No, you keep it," I told students, as they tried to hand me their papers at the end of class. "Why did I do it if you're not even going to collect it? What kind of teacher are you?" students replied, before balling up their papers and throwing them on the floor. Did I appreciate students respondin...

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