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December 10, 2011

Controlling Teacher, Out of Control Classroom

Great teachers maintain control of their classrooms. They do not, however, control their students. In fact, show me a teacher who tries to control students, and I'll show you a classroom that's out of control. One way many teachers try to control students is through disciplinary rules and punitive ...

September 03, 2011

Controlling Classroom Traffic Without Patrolling It

In previous posts I gave suggestions for managing your daily supplies and documents. But there's one "thing" you manage that can't be stuffed into a tool belt or stowed in a bin: students. And since there are lots of them and only one of you, it's imperative that you control student traffic before ...

July 30, 2011

The Deskless Teacher

Being anal retentive may not win you friends, but it sure pays off in the classroom where you're doomed if you're disorganized. Yet even if you're not a neat freak by nature, you can maximize teaching and learning time by disorganization-proofing your classroom. I previously suggested you do this by...

July 09, 2011

Classroom Management First, Technology Second

Graduates of University of Virgina's math teacher education program have had more success teaching with technology after a couple of years on their own than they had when UVa staff was helping them with it. This according to Joe Garofalo, Co-Director of the University of Virginia Center for Technolo...

April 30, 2011

No More Timeouts for Tardiness

Some teachers greet tardy students with shame: "That's your third time this week, Charles!" Others prefer sarcasm: "Nice to see Erica has decided to join us." Then there are those who are welcoming: "Good morning, Mario. Take off your jacket, and please join us." And in many cases, teachers follow u...

April 16, 2011

Connect With Kids in the Context and Confines of the Classroom

I may not have survived my first year in the classroom if it hadn't been for basketball. Many of my students lived and breathed it (this was the west side of Chicago during Michael Jordan's heyday), and I was pretty good at it. So when I was unable to connect with kids in the classroom, I tried to c...

April 03, 2011

Behavior Management ≠ Classroom Management

"The reality of education is that people learn from people they love," says New York Times columnist David Brooks in a recent National Public Radio interview discussing his new book, The Social Animal. "We've spent all this time with big schools, small schools," Brooks later says. "But what really...

March 27, 2011

The "Do Now" or "Do Never"?

It's common--and good--practice for teachers to have a short activity, often called a "Do Now," on the board for students to work on as soon as they enter class. Many teachers use the "Do Now" time to handle administrative tasks like taking attendance or organizing lesson materials. Then, after five...

December 19, 2010

Situation-Specific Student Seating

Having students re-orient their seats to suit each situation is an often-overlooked key to keeping them engaged, says David Ginsburg.

November 14, 2010

The Overhead Projector: Don't Overlook It (Part 1)

David Ginsburg's students snuck out of class and threw books at him as he wrote on the board. His solution: Use a projector, a switch he recommends for several reasons.

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