How to Relax into Coaching

When my coaching feels constricted and tight and tense, I don't think it's of the transformational variety.

Why Coaches Need Coaches

Although I've worked in this field of adult learning for about ten years, I have never had one, consistent, expert coach. I'm now experiencing what can happen when you receive weekly coaching from a master coach. Here are some of my reflections in this process.

The First Monday After Break

This first Monday-after-winter-break can be hard for some of us who work in schools. I've noticed that folks show up with the greatest breadth of emotions on this first day back--ranging from optimistic and energized, to depressed and hopeless--and sometimes all of these at once. This is due, I think, to a combination of things: Winter break (time off, time with family) can stir up a whole lot of feelings for many of us--feelings which we may, or may not, have the time and capacity to explore. It's also enough time off of work for us to reflect on what ...

A Coaching Conversation With a Disengaged Teacher

Here's another transcript of a coaching conversation! This is the follow up to a blog in which I shared the plan for a conversation I had with a teacher whom I called, "John." Here's how it went, along with my thoughts during the conversation. You won't read the whole thing - just about ten minute of the conversation. E: John, today, for this conversation, I want to talk about what happened this week in terms of your implementation of the new writing resources that you agreed to start on Monday. I didn't see it happening when I came in to ...

In Memory of Steve Sexton: When a Beloved School Leader Passes Away

Today, Steve Sexton, one of the great leaders of our time, is being memorialized. If you have not heard of him, know this: he was a transformational school leader who contributed an immeasurable amount to children and to interrupting inequities; he was a husband to Jenna, another great school leader, and a devoted father to three little ones; he was also a friend, a colleague, and someone I coached during the final years of his leadership of Lighthouse Community Charter School in Oakland, CA. My heart aches as it sinks in that Steve Sexton is no longer alive. While I ...

Planning for Coaching Conversations: A Think-Aloud

Curious how I think about planning a coaching session? Read on. Last week I did an activity with coaches in which I demonstrated how I plan a coaching conversation. I partnered with a coach, who provided an authentic scenario, and then used the Planning for a Coaching Conversation.doc to prepare. I verbalized just about every thought that went through my mind as I prepared for this conversation. Here they are, every thought... Background: I am a new coach this year at a middle school, I'm focused on literacy. The teacher we are planning for has 15 yrs experience but ...

Coaching for Equity Part 3: What We Do

In a series of blogs, I've explored five components to an equity-centered coaching approach: 1) What you see in schools and 2) Where you look when you're in classrooms (See this blog) 3) Who you listen to and how you listen; 4) How you cultivate your self-awareness, (See this blog) and 5) What you say and do about what you see and hear. (The first blog on this topic was Why We Must All Be Coaches for Equity). This post explores the last component: what an equity-driven coach says and does. Warning: Do Not Pass Go Without Trust I'm going ...

How to Coach for Equity, Part 2

There are several components to an equity-centered coaching approach. Here are two of them: Listening and self-awareness.

First Steps for a New Coach

This morning I received an email with this question: "As a new coach in a new position for my school district, what are my first steps? My title is ESL District Coach." Here's some advice.

New Coaches: Try This at Home

"I'll soon become an instructional coach. I have no idea what I'm doing. Can you give me some suggestions for things I can do this summer to prepare?"

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