A district leader in Colorado contacted me with a question about hiring coaches. He's thrilled that next year his small district will hire coaches to work with their most struggling secondary schools. "How can I hire good coaches?," he asks.

A "Director of Professional Development" from Iowa emailed this question: "I read the excerpt from your book on PD for coaches. Lately I've been exploring non-traditional forms of PD for the district I support and was wondering if you have ideas on that?"

What can a site-based instructional coach's schedule look like? Here's an example.

Excerpt from Chapter 15 of The Art of Coaching--What is Professional Development for Coaches?

Excerpt from The Art of Coaching--How to plan a coaching session

Excerpt on giving feedback from The Art of Coaching.

Excerpt from Art of Coaching, Chapter 8 on Listening.

An excerpt from Aguilar's new book, The Art of Coaching, about how effective coaching can transform teacher practice, school systems, and a student's learning.

I've received a number of emails asking for tools that coaches can use to observe teachers.

A 4-minute animated video on how the coaching process works.


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