If you just started your school year as a classroom teacher, you might recognize yourself (and get a much-needed chuckle) in this list.

Guest blogger Brett Bigham shares how jars of peanut butter can be a tool and safety net for learning.

A Montana high school educator discusses how Trump's education cuts will hurt rural students and the teachers who serve them.

How the proposed cuts to career and technical education will impact our students, the working class, and our country.

Trump's proposed budget cuts seem to state that literacy doesn't matter, which is detrimental to our society.

What do Game of Thrones and Trump's proposed education budget have in common?

Do you only read professionally? @Redhdteacher believes it's time to break the habit and read a book for fun.

When implementing something new in your classroom or school, are you a snail or a goldfish?

Public education faces another blow in Florida

Holster those guns and take them out of our classrooms (and away from our kids)


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