So I am moving to Southern Middle School, beginning a new chapter in my educational career. I have to laugh at that line, because "new chapter" sounds profound, but I think educators make changes in their careers more frequently now. Gone are the days when a teacher began and finished his/her career in one school, or even in one grade or program. Now I hear about teachers changing grade levels, changing content areas, going from special education to general and back again, or moving into administration and back to teaching. I think change is a good thing, because it ...

Joy to the World, 'tis the season for celebration. I know it's not the winter holidays, but it is holiday time for educators. We're celebrating the end of our year. First of all, let me tell you about the Prom, with gorgeous girls and handsome boys and smiling administrators. Our Senior Prom was a great success. No one got sick in the bathroom, no one was obviously under any illicit influences, and no one broke up loudly with their date. I felt pretty good in my new dress. The sad note -- Laura, my fellow Class Advisor, lost her father ...

The other day I took a walk at home. My neighbor saw me and said, “Haven’t seen you much lately.” Without thinking I answered, “I haven’t seen myself much lately either.” A moment later, standing on a pier looking over the Chesapeake Bay, I realized what I had said. I haven’t seen myself much lately? Did that mean something on a deep subconscious level? I have been busy. I came to high school teaching at the age of 45, after several other careers. I jumped in with both feet – committees, projects, graduate classes, conferences. I have looked ...

I think every teacher spends Sunday evening thinking about the upcoming week. We plan for lessons, meetings scheduled, copies to be made, grading papers we didn’t get done this weekend. But this Sunday I’m thinking back on last week. It was a hard one, for several reasons. But this posting isn’t about me. It’s about one small success I experienced with my students. It’s about that thing that brings me back every Monday morning, ready or not. I think my students learned something. I teach four different classes of freshman English. One of my classes ...

I am not a “new” teacher any more, this being my third year at Arundel High School. And I am certainly not a “young” teacher, this being my 49th year of life. I began my education career through a career-changer program. I figure I’ve got twenty years left before I’ll retire, so now I’ve got to decide what to do with those years. If the paths diverge, which one should I take? I’ve enrolled in an administrator certification cohort. At first I thought I would NEVER want to be an administrator, but now I’m not ...


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