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In my last job, I helped to raise over fifty children from infancy through school age. I was a family child care provider for 12 years. That was a very satisfying job – exhausting, rewarding, and fun. My two children grew up and left home for college and the rest of their lives. My husband Stephen loved the little kids and helped with the business. Still, he finally asked, “If our kids are grown, why is there still a high chair in our kitchen?” I took it to mean it was time to consider finding another job. It’s hard to ...

Ready or not, here they come. They did come; the students, that is. All 2,086 ethnically, politically, economically, racially, religiously, ability diverse of them came. Arundel High School opened its doors after a two-day delay for construction. And I wasn’t ready! I admit it! Were you ready? I’d love to hear what your first days were like. Hot? Exciting? Frantic? Enervating or energizing? Let me tell you about mine. Arundel High is undergoing a two year construction project to (at long last) install air conditioning. All summer long crews tore open ceilings, moved boxes and furniture, and ...

I am so touched by the response from so many other new teachers. I have heard from people around the country about their fears and their triumphs as teachers. Thank you; please continue to let me know how it’s going. I like making new friends. I will tell you more about myself and my educational situation soon, but I have just to make a quick post to share a lesson from yesterday. I was using email emoticons to introduce a lesson. If you don’t recognize the word, emoticons are the funny smiley faces you can add to your ...

I am really nervous about the first day of school. That’s what I keep thinking. I am very excited about this upcoming year, but I am really nervous about the first day of school. Every young teacher, I’m sure, worries and frets, anticipating that moment of first standing in front of the class. How will they see me? Will they respect me, or be laughing inside? What if they’re laughing outside? I am a “young teacher”. Well, to be honest, I am almost 47 years old, and that’s not very young. But I am a new ...


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