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Good news! I’ve had a couple of days off, time with family, lots of good food and too much coffee drunk while reading the entire newspaper. I woke up Saturday morning thinking about my classes and my students. My first thoughts were about the upcoming world civilization unit on explorers. So I must be refreshed. That’s why teachers need breaks! I’m enthusiastic again. I teach special education high school, English and Social Studies. My schedule this semester is a little schizophrenic – I feel split in numerous directions. I teach a self-contained English 9 class first period. Due ...

It’s Sunday night, and I feel great! I think to myself. Then I have to ask, Why? Uh oh, guilt sets in as I recognize my mindset. I feel great because I don’t have to teach tomorrow! What kind of a teacher would say that, even if only to herself? And here I am saying this publicly, that I am happy I am not teaching tomorrow. This is a confession. Here it is: I am tired. I work so hard, and teaching is stressful. So this week, when I don’t have to teach students, I am relaxed, ...

My English 9 observation with Mrs. Stratton was good, and I am relieved. I tried to say I wouldn’t be nervous, but of course I was. The students were quiet until the point where they forgot the principal was sitting to the side of the classroom. Then they loosened up and began participating in their eager way. There was lots of discussion about symbols, several excited voices trying to share a personal story at once, and one student (who was annoyed with me from the previous day) with his back turned towards me. All’s good. The lesson was ...


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