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I have tested and been tested. Last week was final exam week for the first semester, and I tested over 100 students in four different subjects. Some of the exams were specific to my students, meaning I wrote the exams. Other exams were taken by all students taking that class, with some modifications for level of ability. One test, the English 9 Assessment, was given to all ninth graders in our county. It’s that last one that troubles me. You could say I’m “testy” about it. This assessment is a “benchmark” exam, designed to monitor the progress of ...

It’s almost semester exam time. Each student in each class will take a two-hour cumulative exam. This exam will weigh in at 20% of the semester grade. It counts a lot. Students are getting nervous, teachers are getting nervous, and apparently the copiers are getting very nervous because none of them are working. So I am spending this holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King by dedicating it to a day of work. I am honoring him through service to my students. I’ve set my Purpose for this week – Preparation, Practice, and Praise. I work with many disadvantaged children, ...

When a new college graduate presents his credentials as a teacher, he shows a bright diploma still wet from the presses. His mind is full of education theory, teaching methodologies, and student teaching experience. All very good credentials. When a career-changer presents her diploma, it’s wrinkled and a bit faded – hard to tell what the study track was. Her experience is not in front of the classroom, but may be in front of corporate leaders, media representatives, work crews, or customers. She may not have been “in front of” anyone at all, but may have worked at home coordinating ...

My resolution for 2006 is to make more lists. I meant to buy a new notebook at the store today, so I could write down things I need to do, but I forgot. If only I had written it down … I’ve spent the day thinking about resolutions for teachers. I’ve made a list on a scrap of paper. Here are my contributions for your consideration. If you like this list, feel free to adopt it as your own. That will save you some time having to make up resolutions for yourself. Teacher Resolution List 1. Write things down. ...


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