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I am tired. It’s March. Students are bored and teachers can’t yet see how we’re going to reach the final goal. I’m behind on my grading, and my planning, and my meeting preparation. I’m behind on my sleep. I’m trying to remember how it was when I started this year. How enthusiastic I was, and full of energy. I’m also thinking of how hard I’ve been working. I am thinking of one student in my first period English class. We began on a very bad footing, because this child had a rough ...

It is “interim report” time, so I have to evaluate if my students have made progress the first half of the quarter. The process lets the students (and their parents) know if they are in danger of failing, or are making satisfactory progress. It’s a good time for me to evaluate myself, too. I have tried to think about how my teaching is going. Am I successful, or in danger of failing? Am I doing a good job? I want to review my seashell lesson (see “Collecting”). My English 9 students were allowed to choose a shell, then had ...

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