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Community Development When I was a kid, I spent summer exploring my suburban neighborhood. My friends and I migrated as a herd from house to house, yard to yard, woods to river to library to pool. No matter where we went, mothers made food for us and fathers set up backyard games. In the summer I became a better bike rider, a stronger swimmer, a more creative artist, a practiced game player, a knowledgeable naturalist, and an experienced reader. That is really how it was in my neighborhood. I’m not making it up. Kids went home at the end ...

I want to continue the conversation about opportunity. I’m at a point when I have to weigh opportunities carefully and consider how I want to spend the rest of my life. I am already 47. If I plan my life out, I see myself in the school setting (as a teacher or administrator) for the next 20 years. While teaching and administrating, I’ll continue to develop my abilities as an adult trainer/educator, and spend another 10 years or so at the university level giving encouragement and wisdom to hundreds of young teachers. By 77 I want to ...


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