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I have to say I am feeling better now. Thanks for your messages of support. It seems I am not the only teacher who sometimes feels lonely, even if the midst of a teeming high school. Here’s how I am getting over my case of Third-Year Syndrome. I presented a workshop at a conference for educators in my county: “Manipulatives in Secondary Social Studies and English”. My background is in early childhood education, and I applied what I know about teaching with manipulatives to very young children to what I know about teaching older children. It occurred to me ...

I’ve been waiting to write an entry, because my brain feels kind of cloudy. I’m slow, and a little achy, and my head feels tight. It would be easy to tell you I must be getting sick, but I don’t think that’s it. I’m suffering from “teacher flu”. I am kind-of down. I am asking myself what kind of teacher I am. Am I a good teacher? Usually I think so, but right now I’m not that sure. This past couple of weeks has been hard. I am struggling with classroom management. I know ...


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