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Moving to Middle


So I am moving to Southern Middle School, beginning a new chapter in my educational career. I have to laugh at that line, because "new chapter" sounds profound, but I think educators make changes in their careers more frequently now. Gone are the days when a teacher began and finished his/her career in one school, or even in one grade or program. Now I hear about teachers changing grade levels, changing content areas, going from special education to general and back again, or moving into administration and back to teaching. I think change is a good thing, because it keeps teachers fresh and professionally stimulated. If our minds are not engaged with new learning and experience, how can we engage our students' minds?

So now my blog has to move on, to new topics and purposes. I want to continue to write and to hear from readers. As a career changer, older teacher, I know the value of shared experience.

So I am going to start writing as "In the Middle", and look at issues of middle school instruction. I assume its a different ballgame from the high school issues I'm used to. I assume it's different from the preschool concerns I used to face. I don't know enough about elementary education to comment about those differences.

I don't know much about middle school education, grades 6-8. I'm excited about this new venture, and I am beginning a self-directed learning program to increase my educator's expertise.

I'm also moving into a leadership role as department chairperson for Special Education, while teaching two classes. So I'll also be "in the middle" as I find my way between the school administration and the faculty.

In this blog I will communicate my new pedagogical thoughts, my lesson planning, and my experiences moving to a new school and grade level, and serving as a department chairperson. I hope you'll share your responses with me.


I too am a career changer and in my 40's teaching at an urban middle school in Orlando, Fl. There are few older teachers at my school and I am surrounded primarily by colleagues in their 20's and 30's, which is one of the reasons why I chose to teach to be around people with new ideas.(Our principal is 34 years old.)I am curious to find out how do find relating to younger teachers and administrators?

I am hoping to be a career changer in the near future. I recently began working on my teaching cert through an online program. I'll be anxious to follow your blog. I am in my 40's and hope to be in a teaching position by fall of 08. If I'm lucky I could be ready by mid-year 07-08. Good luck in your new position!

This is my 3rd year as a "lateral entry" special education teacher. I am in my 40's and I am loving it. I'm learning everything that I can. I practically have a 2nd MA because of the coursework that I am taking for my licensure. My school district an awesome mentor program that gives me the opportunity to bounce ideas off of veteran teachers. This journey is a calling, and I am glad to have been chosen. It just amazes me that so many teachers moonlight. Not just the new teachers, but most.

somewhat like you, I added a teaching career to being a wife and mother however now, I am thinking about changing careers, but not within education, but out of education. I sincerely think that serving others in education teaching children is my mission. I was a mature teacher when I took my first teaching position after receiving a BA and continued teaching as well as prusuing further education. As I reached the doctoral program, I acknowledged to myself that it was a reachable goal but doing only one program, teaching or studying. I resigned my position as a teacher hoping to get a job once I finished the course work. Unfortunately, now that I am done and have been interviewing, no one is hiring me. My program equpped me with leadership skills to fulfill an office at a school site level or district level. One principal told me that I was too costly to hire and I appreciate her candor. However, I wish someone in my program had informed me that I was taking a big chance in quitting my job because the likelihood of being hired later on would be practically null because of budget and age, although no one is saying age because of laws, this could also be a reason. I do not blame anyone for my choice however, my choice might have been different had I known how the hiring process develops. I don't want to work anywhere else but, people's choices stand between me and my next job. I am educated and qualified but unwanted, nonetheless.

You will love middle schoolers! When I was a sub, I couldn't abide the critters. Middle school kids LOVE to eat subs alive! But when I got my own class, things changed: We developed a trusting relationship and I learned so much from them. I look forward to reading your adventures "In the Middle."

If i survive my 7th year at Hogwarts, I would love to be a teacher. Perhaps you can give me advice on how to relate to muggle students as well as my magical students. And do you have any advice on how to handle a class when you have to leave without warning to deal with he-who-must-not-be-named?

To Hanne and all of you who posted comments: Thank You! It is so exciting (and a relief) to know that I am not alone in my 40-something career change. I have wanted to teach for as long as I can remember but finances wouldn't allow it until now. It's good to know that there are teachers who are still optimistic and enthusiastic about the profession. I look forward to reading your comments and to your new adventures, Hanne. Thanks for the encouragement!

I too am a student at present in a graduate program to get my Masters and change my career path to teaching. It is nice to see that I am not alone. I currently work with adults with developmental disabilities so I am hoping that will be to my benefit in the future. I am taking an online classes with teacher's in the classroom and sometimes feel left out as I do not have the background information like they do. It has been a challenge, but in the end with be well worth it.

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