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The Digital Immigrant and Digital Native Discussions Continue...(Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV...) The Digital Native (gsd) Says: My school is scared of Facebook, and I know it's not alone. It's blocked on all of the computers, and for good reason, too. Facebook use at school brings up concerns over privacy, as well as concerns that students would just waste their time on Facebook instead of using school computers constructively. I'm not saying that those concerns aren't valid. But instead of running away from Facebook, I think we should be running toward it, and embracing its power ...

Have you ever heard of badges in education? Whenever I hear of badges, I remember being in elementary school and the merit badges that some classmates who were in the Boy Scouts would wear to school. Students in the Boy Scouts were always so proud of their achievements, and being able to show their achievement to everyone else? Priceless! Especially during class picture day..... For those of us who were not in the Boy Scouts, we had no way to show our achievements. It's not like as if we could wear a Karate belt to school or show some art ...


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