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How Will You Use Technology to Revolutionize Your Learning?

Last week, I wrote about Apple's Potential Game Changer in Education. Apple's announcement of tools to empower anyone to be a textbook publisher on the iPad met various positive and critical reviews. Ronnie Burt over at The Edublogger" explains that Apple's education announcement was "Not a Game Changer." "The announcements today by Apple do not result in any major way of changing the way we approach education. This isn't really Apple's fault, as nobody has yet to crack this one and do it well. You still have "curriculum" being created in advance and given to teachers and students exactly like ...

Apple and the iPad's Potential Game Changer for Education

As you may have heard today, Apple announced their E-Textbook Initiative to enter and revolutionize the textbook market, specifically centering these initiatives to highlight the potential of the iPad in education. iBooks Author allows anyone to create a textbook for the iPad. One can create a textbook on the iPad with multimedia and interactive features such as video, interactive images, Keynote presentations, and 3D images. There are also "review" tools that allow the author to create multiple choice and drag and drop questions. iBooks 2 is their updated eReader that takes advantage of many of the iPad's interactive and multimedia ...

What is Missing in Teacher Leadership? A Roadmap & Destination

As preparations are being made to develop an online community for educators to share ideas, resources, and have discussions about teacher leadership and the Teacher Leadership Standards, I think of my own experiences that have enhanced my own understanding of teacher leadership. Specifically, I think of the teacher leadership opportunities to contribute to the education profession outside the classroom or school. The first experience was earning National Board Certification. Shortly after earning certification, I had the opportunity to participate in the Digital Edge Learning Interchange with Apple, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), AT&T, and the National ...

Has the Accountability Movement Run its Course?

With the 10th anniversary of No Child Left Behind, the Thomas B. Fordham Institute hosted a panel discussion entitled, "Has the Accountability Movement Run its Course?" on January 5th. Did NCLB, and the consequential accountability movement it embodied, succeed? And with near-stagnant national test scores of late, is there reason to think that this approach to school reform is exhausted? If not "consequential accountability," what could take the U.S. to the next level of student achievement? The panelists also discuss "The Accountability Plateau" report, which challenges its readers with the following: Like the meteor that led to the decline ...


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