When educators analyze the process of integrating technology in classrooms, we often hear phrases such as "adoption of innovations" or "theory of change" to understand the challenges and barriers teachers experience. We try to understand the attitudes and motivations that influence teacher beliefs and behaviors, and why some teachers become the early adopters and pioneers, and why others may resist. These are not easy issues, but I think we can learn a lot about technology adoption from music, specifically rock music and the electric guitar. Yes, the electric guitar! Why guitars? Guitars are the popular instruments of choice today. Remember ...

Can you predict the future technologies impacting learning in your classroom. I discuss predictions from the 2011 Horizon Report that identifies trends, challenges, and technologies to watch.

How is effective teaching in the 21st century similar and different from effective teaching in the 20th century?

A Digital Immigrant and Digital Native discuss what the ideal technology device would have and how it could be used in schools.

Providing regular opportunities to check for understanding in large projects allows teachers to give more choices for which technologies students can use to demonstrate their knowledge.

Giving students the opportunity to choose which technology to use in a project can be challenging. The Choice 2.0 Technology Integration Checklist can help you structure your activity so that all students can be successful.

What's an important step in using technology in a more meaningful way in the classroom? Offer the students a choice of which technology to use.

From DVD to the Internet, the use of video is now an important force in transforming access to learning. Now learning, not teaching, is the center of education.

Computers have changed. The way students use computers at home changed. The world changed. What about educators?

Having a seat at the table can never be an end in itself, but having that seat is essential to achieving the goals teachers seek.


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