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This week, I've invited a guest blogger, Huang Songbin, a first-year teacher who grew up just down the street from one of our current placement schools, to share with us what fuels his fire. I had the chance to hang out with Songbin a couple weeks ago and a quick dinner turned into 2+ hours of conversation. The reality is, if Songbin was a kid right now, his teachers would likely be Teach For China teachers-- he grew up just down the street from one of our schools in Guangdong Province. Neither of his parents received much schooling and his ...

It took me moving more than 8,000 miles to China 2 years ago to realize that, statistically, there is no reason I should be doing what I do today. It was entirely by chance that my grandparents left mainland China to Taiwan before the revolution. And it was entirely by sheer will that my father became the first person in his family to attend college, despite failing his high school entrance exam. If the statistics played out in any other way, I should be working in factories like my second-cousins in China or working at a store like my ...

Everything I needed to know as an adult, I was taught eight years ago by my middle school students on the Navajo Nation in my first year of teaching. And so it was with my students' lessons in mind that, two years ago, after more than half a decade as a teacher and teacher trainer serving under-resourced children in America, I moved to rural China.


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