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Culturally responsive teaching is hard. So is cultivating students who are global citizens. Craig Isser may not be a Chinese teacher from rural Yunnan and his students may just be starting to speak English, but this is not stopping him from sharing his passion for Shakespeare. The results so far with his 5th graders? The universal appreciation of culture, theater and scandalous love triangles.

My mentee graduated from college a week ago. When we first met almost six years ago, she was barely 17, had moved from China 2 years earlier speaking no English, and lived in low-income Washington, D.C. housing with parents who didn't want her to go to college. I thought being a mentor meant going out to lunch and teaching her about safe sex. Little did I know she was going to teach me what vision and grit looks like. It wasn't until Wei that I really understood why I work in education. She taught me what all of our ...


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