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"Education didn't save Mike Brown. Racism killed him." In fact, education doesn't save children from preventable diseases in India. Education isn't saving people from being slaughtered in Syria. Education didn't save college students on Tiannenman Square. Racism, discrimination, hatred, fear killed them. What's allowing them to keep going on is apathy. Fortunately, good educators know all about taking a stand and doing something about it. After reading the latest news updates everyday on Ferguson, Israel and Syria, I find myself turning to Education Week and education blogs to be reinvigorated by the outpouring of lessons, resources and love from colleagues ...

At the end of my first year of teaching, I was given the option of repeating seventh grade English again with a group of new students or staying with my current class and teaching eighth grade. My current students are exceptionally lively and I know they will be even more of a challenge to manage in the coming year. While I was strongly tempted to start fresh with new students, I chose not to. The reality is I have failed the female students in my own class this year. In an effort to respect their independence, I've actually neglected them ...


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