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How closely have you been following education reform this year? Here is a pop quiz to see if you are on your toes and following the latest trends. The answers will appear in the first comment below. If you want to do some research, there is a link to the source in each question. After you take the quiz, please share any surprises, insights or ideas that came to you as a result. Better than 50% makes you an official EduWonk! 1. How many of the sixty individuals involved in writing education standards for the nation’s fifty million students ...

As teachers we renew our credentials every five years. But we need a much deeper renewal. Many of us get worn down by the pressures we face, and the inadequacy of our schools to meet the needs of our students. We often work in isolation, and lack support for our own creative side. We spend so much time nurturing others, and often there is no place where we are nurtured. The Tomki Center will be a place to heal the healers. The goals of this center: • Live in harmony with the space • Restore the spirit and courage of our educators • ...

Education reformers sometimes take on stances that carry good ideas to absurd lengths. One of those that has concerned me recently is the idea that the only acceptable outcome for a K-12 student is completion of a four-year college degree. This is what the jobs of the future will demand, we are told. But when I look at the shambles our economy is in, I begin to wonder who is better off, a college graduate with a degree in English and $50,000 worth of debt, or someone who has managed to get a strong set of skills as a ...

Sixty individuals, ONE teacher among them, will write national education standards in the next five months, in a secret process that excludes effective input from students, parents or teachers. As teachers we spend a lot of time thinking about what we teach our students, and how to engage them in learning. When the National Governor's Association (NGA) called for national education standards a few months back, some educators optimistically believed that we might be consulted in the process. After all, didn't the entire No Child Left Behind fiasco teach us what happens when policies are enacted without the active engagement ...


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