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The law will eliminate tenure, base a large part of your evaluation and pay on student performance, and eliminate support for National Board certification

If we could only fire the bad teachers, we could improve these schools, and our students would be better off, right? How is this playing out at Fremont High?

A tale from my father about how his mother asserted her authority in her West Virginia schoolhouse. What is our authority as teachers now?

The idea that schools must prepare all students for college meets an unpleasant reality. Neither our colleges nor our economy are ready for the results.

If we indeed have a competition between regular public schools and charters, we must look very carefully at how we compare them. And charters have one or two advantages that the public schools lack.

"(we) need to tear down the walls between traditional and charter schools. How do we get beyond the accusations and myths from both sides and learn from each other?"

How can we make sense of this paradox, where teachers are expected to continually raise student achievement, while the material conditions that would support success are stripped away?

"My name is Jesse Turner, and this summer I am walking to Washington, DC, to protest this misguided educational reform policy."

It might make more sense to focus on how we might improve our evaluation systems to RETAIN and IMPROVE teachers, rather than to get rid of them.

Do all children have the same conditions to learn? What will it take to create equitable opportunities?

"...children are not products; they cannot be educated on an assembly line; they cannot be standardized."

Charter schools vs regular schools -- how are they alike? How are they different? And what can we learn from the differences?

Teacher Scott Banks shares why he left Fremont High School, and offers some powerful advice on how to build on the strengths of the teachers who are now being spurned.

Thousands of students and teachers took to the streets today: Check out photos and video from Oakland, California!

We have voted. We have written letters. But we have not been heard, and our schools are being destroyed. Now we act. Updated with Photos and Video!

"When high-performing charter schools are allowed to 
get enough market share to truly challenge the status quo, they are 
forcing the public schools to compete."


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