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We are getting ready for our talk with Arne Duncan, and the members of Teachers' Letters to Obama are actively engaged in generating questions and thoughts to share with him. We have been discussing the key issues, and this weekend we asked members for their thoughts on what they would like to say to the Secretary of Education. More than 200 have responded thus far. Here is what is on their minds: If you continue to insist that pay and job retention should be tied to teacher performance, how do you intend to operationally define "effective teaching"? How will you ...

We have a bad economy, we are told, as if this is like a storm passing over, a series of events beyond human control -- perhaps even our humble comprehension. But the money went SOMEWHERE.

"I want to hear some discussion in which we speculate how public education may be, indeed, traumatizing our children."

Many of our students do not care about their scores on these tests upon which more and more significance is being placed. What's a teacher to do?

Politicians who become informed and outspoken on education issues will find an enthusiastic response from teachers, parents and students this fall.

More and more educators are discovering the power of getting their students to tackle real-world problems. Greater engagement and preparation for their futures result.

"Whatever's good for the teachers better also be good for the children. And if it's not, then it's a problem."

The Secretary of Education wants to hear from us, and a conference call is in the works. What should we say? Who will speak for us? This is our chance to be heard.

A successful strategy is rooted in trust, but the foundation of the current reform drive is authoritarianism disguised as accountability.

Teacher protest is coming to life in the digital age, and we are using the latest tools of the times. Updated 6X!


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