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A Casualty in the War on Public Education

Another report from teacher Chuck Olynyk, counting the days until his job teaching the students at Fremont High is taken from him.

The Summer of Teacher Discontent

Now that we have their attention, we need to make sure those in power know exactly what we think, in no uncertain terms.

Hello, This is Arne Duncan Calling...

Arne Duncan calls Anthony Cody back after a not so satisfying conversation. This time it's different.

Talking into a Tin Can on a string 3000 miles long: Our Talk with Duncan

The funny thing about the conversation was that the whole time, they seemed to think we had questions, and their job was to answer them.

Today We 12 Speak with Secretary Duncan

We are determined to share not only our concerns and criticisms, but also concrete suggestions for ways that policies might be improved.

Strengthening Our Schools takes Persistence -- But Firing people is so Satisfying!

Donald Trump makes for great TV drama, but is a lousy model for real school improvement.

Arizona Targets Immigrants and Ethnic Studies

Our public schools are obliged to respond creatively and constructively to the challenge of a changing student population

Will 49 Techniques Make You a Champ?

Is greatness defined by the ability to raise test scores? Until we answer that central question, we cannot really determine the value of these techniques.

Stephen Krashen: Children need food, health care, and books. Not new standards and tests.

"The Comprehension Hypothesis, in fact, insists on pleasure from the beginning, on acquirers obtaining interesting, comprehensible input right from the start....

Burning Questions from Teachers Part 2: Meet Our Realities, Mr. Duncan

We have earned the respect of our students and their parents, yet those we elect to govern the education system fails to take into account the expertise and talent we put into our work

The Tale of a Melting Ice Cube: Have we lost the Story?

The details of how an ice crystal melts when salt is poured upon it reveal a story of the magic of water. But the story is lost when we only teach what is on the test.

The Marvelous Tool of Accountability: Solving Society's Troubles

This accountability tool is working so well to fix our schools, there is no reason we should not get the same great results from other areas. We can fix all sorts of social problems!


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