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A teacher asks: "How many students will have to suffer through this disruption of their education? How much longer?"

Pupils show greater motivation, are better behaved and are more likely to be independent and strategic thinkers when teachers are not obsessed by grades

The days of saying, "NO!" or for securing a seat at someone else's table are over. It's time to set our own educational reform agenda.

Would we trust the Times to do a value-added analysis of brain surgery, with reporters critiquing surgical procedures?

Is a seat at the table an end in itself? What if our students and colleagues are on the menu?

We who are pendulum pushers are hanging on, holding our ground, and continuing to push back. The time has come for the pendulum to start moving the other way.

I worked just as hard at Clear Creek as I did White Bluffs, so why was I under performing at Clear Creek and high performing at White Bluffs?

We are in a war of attrition with the business-people who think they know best for our schools. We must stay focused on what our students need.

We will get much more from evaluation when it shifts from being a "gotcha" game, and becomes connected to each teacher's growth as an educator.

Teachers need help not because they do a poor job of teaching, but because they work with very needy children.


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