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A Declaration of Professional Conscience for Teachers: Now, more than Ever

We will make the welfare of our students our most basic criterion for professional judgment. We have no greater accountability than that we owe our pupils.

One Parent Acts to Protect Her Son: No Tests for Connor

I hereby formally state that I withdraw my son - Connor - from any standardized testing held within the school...

Building Teacher Accountability from the Ground Up

If systemic change is going to come, it must come from within. It must draw on the capacity of our own teachers to grapple with the challenges they face.

Krashen: Easy Money for Schools, No Strings Attached!

If California is interested in the $700 million Race to the Top money there is an easier way.

Education Reformers Turn Economic Logic Upside Down

These visionaries imagine that high wage jobs will magically appear when the workforce has been trained for them.

A Manifesto of Errors: Rhee, Klein and the Gang Strike Out

This is a manifestation of monumental misconceptions, that begs to be refuted. Let's take it point by point.

Pat Cody, My First Teacher

If you see something is wrong, speak up and try to change it. Join with others and raise your voices together.

Like a Tree Standing by the Water, We Shall Not Be Moved

We need to be prepared to move past writing letters to the President and Secretary of Education, and begin to get more visible.

Teachers: Must we be Saints or Sinners?

We have arrived at a disturbing concept of what it means to be a "good teacher" in America - especially if you choose to work in schools where the students live in poverty.


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