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Jesse Turner: Welcome to the Great American Public School Awakening!

Is the sole measure of a child that of a test score? Is the ability to compete in the workforce the most important outcome of our public schools?

Teachers and Education Policy: Two Voices in Dialogue: Part 5

The only way our ideas and expertise will matter is when we have a great many teachers, parents, and students actively demanding that we be heard.

Teachers and Education Policy: Two Voices in Dialogue: Part 3

Having a "seat at the table" can never be an end in itself. These policies are destroying schools, careers, and opportunities for students right now.

Secretary Duncan: Here is What Divides Us

We are truly confused by a mismatch between your words and your actions. This makes a real consensus impossible...

Teachers and Education Policy: Two Voices in Dialogue: Part 1

The dialogue between the Department of Education and teachers is broken. How did we get here? Can this be mended?

Is College-for-All Hitting a Wall?

Does the goal we have chosen for students match up with their actual options? Is it even in their best interest given current economic trends?

Guggenheim Gets an Earful

How could you make an entire film about the problems in so-called "failing" schools, and never actually visit or interview anyone within them?

Doug Christensen: Local Initiative, Self-determination and Leadership are the ONLY Thing

Assessment and accountability must have their locus of action and policy at the local level and in the hands of educators and local policy leaders.

Black Boys: When a Spotlight Is Not Enough

Why is it apparently taboo for even social reformers to raise the need for policies that would correct the huge problem we have with poverty?

You Say Charter -- I Say Semi-Private School

Charter schools represent a critical step away from traditional public schools, where public money goes to a public entity run by democratically elected officials

Schools in a Banana Republic

The transfer of wealth we are experiencing will be felt by a whole generation of children, and affect school performance for years to come.

Likely New Head of House Ed Committee No Friend to NCLB

"I'm not looking to tweak No Child Left Behind," Kline said. "As far as I'm concerned, we ought to go in and look at the whole thing."

Why Don't Teachers Learn from Business?

Why are educators fearful/reluctant to look around and see what others outside of education do to be successful?


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