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So now non-credentialed interns still undergoing training, whose lack of experience doesn't have to be revealed to parents, are considered "highly qualified."

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You probably have NOT heard about a remarkable success story in California. QEIA schools, on average, experienced nearly 50 percent higher growth.

Cuts of this magnitude are absolutely unprecedented in our lifetimes. This will mean wholesale layoffs, classrooms overflowing, and slashed teacher pay and benefits.

The survey was not an equal component of a multi-faceted evaluation as I had hoped. This wasn't about student input; it was still about test scores.

As our corporations have amassed wealth and influence, they have sought domination even in the public sphere of our school system.

In a shocking display of ignorance, pay for performance has become reformers' blitzkrieg. Both common sense and research are being ignored.

A YouTube video shows students learning the wonders of data. But is this what the joy of learning has become all about?

If you make teaching more about test scores and less about the many other reasons many of us chose the profession, you will indeed select a different sort of teacher.

More than ninety comments have been left for the Waiting for Superman director, but he has yet to reply. Here's what teachers are saying...

We have allowed technocrats to drive our schools with data. It is high time for teachers and parents and students to challenge the reform nonsense

he number of students receiving free or reduced price lunches has grown significantly, and in 2008-2009 44% of our nation's students were eligible.

Is the current claim by critics that America's educational system is in crisis and failing real or a tool to expand critics' control of the reform agenda?


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