Increasingly it's about that as you look at the growth of standardised testing and standardised curricula. and it's about standardisation. I believe we've got go in the exact opposite direction. That's what I mean about changing the paradigm.

Unfortunately, in our current paradigm, often it is the teacher that emphasizes test preparation, assuming he or she "teaches like a champion" and gets good test scores, that is regarded as the most effective.

Teachers are far more interested in the more authentic assessments I describe here, because they actually help us improve

Teachers and other public employees are taking some big hits, but the biggest pot of gold of all is Social Security, and that will affect every wage earner in the nation.

Sending more and more of our students to college is not some sort of panacea for poverty. And there does NOT appear to be an increasing market demand for more college graduates

Can somebody please tell President Obama and Ms. Noonan that now is not the time to use the Tucson tragedy or any tragedy to promote a bogus reform movement that will harm our Nation's public school system?

If teacher pay and evaluations rest entirely on test scores, the corruption of our school system will be complete.

We learned that we should have stuck together. Some of us learned it right away, that it was burned into our souls. Trust your buddies

The challenge for those of us who see that these emperors and empresses of reform are naked is to stay clear on our own vision of what school should be

I must plead to a bit of ignorance when confronted with Pearson's Intelligent Essay Assessor. I have not met the mighty machine, nor seen it in operation. But if it's job is to relieve our concern that teachers can reliably score complex work, I think I have a rather deep mistrust.


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