A reader suggests that unions are to blame for protecting bad teachers -- and that students deserve a union to protect them from their teachers!

If my answer to the question "why are we learning this?" is "Because it is on the test," then I have missed the point.

We spend so much of our energy responding to silly or downright destructive educational policies -- we rarely take the time to develop our vision of what we want instead.

The myth is the belief that the academic achievement level for each child in the country can and should be controlled by the government

No matter how articulate and insightful we may be, the power of our insight is very weak compared to the strength we have when we act together.

From Los Angeles we hear from a high school history teacher how it feels to be "reconstituted." Is this a good way to fix struggling schools?

We must make sure that any system we design rewards collaboration and cooperation, because this is what teachers value most, and this is what drives improvements in practice.

Connecting teacher effectiveness to student test scores -- Good idea? And how about National Standards?

...we need you to speak out in defense of our public system of education and against abuses that have been allowed to pass silently as reforms.

Duncan and Obama are not making policy choices we like. Can we come up with some better options?


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