Much of what the companies are marketing as formative assessment consists of prescribed mini-tests inserted at specified points in the curriculum for the purpose of giving students practice for the standardized examinations at the end of the year.

Who could argue with teachers carefully tracking student progress? But are you ready to keep track of hundreds of skills and make thousands of grading decisions each year?

How can we make the reauthorization of NCLB different? How can teachers make sure our voices are not drowned out by the well-financed and well-connected?

A teacher shares a message from one of her students, and reminds us that we teach things far more important than those measured in test scores.

While most teachers appreciate standards, the over-emphasis on standardized tests has some of us wondering if national standards may just be too much of a good thing!

Kathie Marshall asks sharp questions about the impact of "reforms" on behalf of her at-risk students, who are increasingly disenchanted with school.

This film shows the high cost our students are paying due to relentless pressure to score well on tests. Teachers are not alone -- parents and students are ready for change.

When test scores become the bottom line for our schools, we commit the same error that has caused our profit-driven system to destroy much of our environment -- we externalize our values.

The 98th letter describes the experience of a dedicated Oregon teacher working in a high needs school, which now faces the withdrawal of federal funds due to NCLB.

It is 2030 and education in the United States of America has finally succeeded. The performance gap between white, Asian, African American, and Latino students has finally been eliminated. But society is in crisis as a result!


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