According to this editorial, Obama should "hang tough" on standards and competitiveness in the Race to the Top. But these millionaires seem to have some strange ideas about how schools improve.

Our students arrive at school with vastly different levels of preparation for the rigors of kindergarten. These children, in their first few months, will have to pass tests showing they know their alphabet and number system, and soon will be on their way to real academic work, choosing among a number of options on a test. For example, the New York Times reports that four year olds need to pass multiple choice tests to gain entrance to the city's public GATE kindergarten program. A typical question showed the children a picture of a slice of cake and a whole cake, ...

Bloggers add their voices to the chorus of teachers asking for real change from President Obama. Will you add yours?

Teachers share their firsthand view of how education policy affects their classrooms. Read, and share your own perspective.

Teachers have responded to my Open Letter to Obama by posting their own heartfelt views. Read, then add your voice to the dialogue.

Teachers are ready for change, but we are not getting it under Secretary Duncan. Is it time to speak up and tell President Obama how we feel?

Parents can get refunds for Baby Einstein videos that research has proven are worse than useless. More and more research is coming out that undermines NCLB and RTTT.

It may be a strange place to turn, but humans are learning about economics by studying the behavior of monkeys. As I learned this morning listening to Morning Edition's Planet Money segment, a primate ethologist by the name of Dr. Ronald Noe, from the University of Strasbourg, has been doing experiments with vervet monkeys. Monkeys, like humans, have a social structure. But with monkeys, grooming takes the place of money. High status monkeys are often groomed, and do very little grooming of others. Low status monkeys must earn their place in the monkey world by grooming their "betters." Dr. Noe's ...

We seem to be hell-bent on preparing our students for a future that is actually in our economic past. How can we prepare them for the world they will actually inherit?

Why are choices our leaders are making these days influenced more by politics than by evidence from educational research? This interview will help us understand.


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