While school districts struggle to meet onerous accountability requirements for stimulus funds, I have to wonder where the accountability was when bankers got their bailout?

The biggest report on education in the UK from the last forty years has reached a startling conclusion. The Sats test has had disastrous effects and should be abolished.

Research shows that some infants and toddlers are not learning to walk and talk as early as they should. This achievement gap must be closed or we may lose our competitive edge!

Many of our schools these days are guided by a business school practice known as Data-Driven Decision-Making. In fact, the data being used is so limited that the decisions one makes are constrained within a narrow range of options. What questions are we missing?

Forty five years ago the Free Speech Movement rocked the UC Berkeley campus. Last week 5,000 students walked out to defend public education. Where do teachers stand?

Arne Duncan thinks so. But I see NCLB bringing curricular impoverishment to our increasingly segregated schools. What path will best serve our students?

I have been reading a fascinating book - The Management Myth, Why the Experts Keep Getting it Wrong, in which author Matthew Stewart unveils the secrets of the field of modern management consultants, revealing that behind all the charts and claims of strategic planning, there is very little solid evidence, and even less of predictive value. What good is a theory if it fails to predict the future? From the point of view of a scientist, we observe nature -- or human activity such as commerce or education - and make hypotheses that can be tested. Then, if we are ...

Do public schools in poor neighborhoods get shortchanged while schools in wealthy communities are protected from the ravages of the cuts? It sure looks that way...

Zhao helps us understand why the US, in spite of the frequent sloppy indictments of our schools, remains a world leader in scientific and creative innovation.

Diane Ravitch shows us one reason innovation in education has proved to be so elusive over the past century. In her op-ed this week, she takes the advocates of 21st Century Skills to task for their focus on critical thinking as opposed to the bedrock knowledge she suggests is a prerequisite foundation for our students. Ravitch echoes the point made in my post earlier this week, that project-based approaches have been around for a century. However she does not consider that a good thing. According to her: “None of these initiatives survived. They did have impact, however: They inserted into ...


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